Josh's Views


Small Business and Economy

I would like to pass legislation that promotes economic growth in Southwest Minnesota. I believe that it should be easier for anyone wishing to start a business to do so. This includes giving breaks like the big corporations get to the entrepreneur.

Funding & Services for Families Facing Autism

Our area is currently known as "the black hole" of services for those with autism. I would like to bring needed services to our area and if those services do exist in the area help make it easier for families to access them. 

I am currently working with several agencies and concerned families to start a coalition to help work toward these goals. 

Public Schools

Our children are our future and we need to invest in our schools to provide quality teachers and core subjects. Often times our area gets "forgotten" with school funding and I will work to change that. 

Fair Elections

Our country was set up so that anyone should be able to run for office. However our current politics are not set up that way. They are set up to give favor to the major parties, who currently have a duopoly. I will work to make balloting practices fair for everyone, the way it was meant to be. 

Change in Politics

If you look at the current state of the two main parties, there is so much time spent on disagreement and arguing over who is right or wrong. There needs to be more bipartisan workmanship. Independent candidates aren't held to a party's views which means they can work for you, not the party.


Many current agriculture policies tend to favor the large corporate farm. What is good for the large corporate farm isn't always good for the family farmer. I want to work to keep the family on the farm.